Scope of Services

Sulaiman Al fahim holding Has widened the spectrum of its services and products over the past years with the support of our local and global partners to better cater to the emerging needs of a growing client base in the United Arab Emirates.

Asset Management

In today’s business environment there are huge investments in buildings and related infrastructure portfolios. These assets are often critical to the ongoing delivery of the core business. It is important for these assets to be maintained such that they function efficiently and their value is retained. Each maintenance action is part of the continuing investment in the facility or building. Asset management involves the systematic approach to assessing the needs and planning the maintenance of these assets.
The primary objective of good asset management is to deliver an optimum whole of life cost for the assets being managed consistent with the business drivers and levels of service expectations of the owner and users of the assets.
We take pride in delivering leading edge asset management services to our clients. Within the group there is fundamental understanding that today’s innovation is tomorrow’s expectation’. We strive to deliver to our clients services that meet their expectations in every aspects.
Flexibility is essential and we have worked with clients in a variety of roles including:
• Consultant responsible for management of all aspects of the client’s assets, including the management of contractors
• Specialist consultant advising on asset management practices and procurement models for clients such as the World Bank (Samoa, Philippines, India).
• Contractor responsible for all aspects of asset management including strategic advice through to maintenance delivery.
• Specialist consultant providing strategic advice to consultants on aspects such as security, deterioration modelling, and technology upgrades.
As noted previously, services are provided for highway and road networks (Network Maintenance Management-NMM) and for buildings and related facilities (Facilities Maintenance Management-FMM). Generically these services are collectively known as Asset Management services.
There are a number of elements we provide in our comprehensive asset management consultancy services. Within each of these elements there are specialist areas such as pavements, structures, power supply and building systems.
The services covered within asset management are: -
• Asset Inventory
• Inspections and Condition Assessment
• Information Management
• Maintenance Planning, including deterioration assessments
• Asset Management Plans
• Legislative Compliance
• Site Facilities and Corridor Management
• Safety Management
• Maintenance Contract Management
• Project Management
• Quality Assurance and Testing
• Research and Development
• Client Reporting
• Asset Valuation

Technical Consultancy

We provide a full range of technical consultancy, engineering and related services. These services range from the provision of just one aspect, e.g. feasibility study, through the full range of technical consultancy services. The services may be provided independently or as an integral service with our project management and asset management services.

Our Commitment

We believe the services outlined demonstrate the full range of infrastructure related technical services sufficient to allow our clients to focus on their core business while Sulaiman Al Fahim Holding deliver and maintain their infrastructure. We work hand in hand with our clients in every project to ensure their needs are met.

We are committed to excellence to deliver highly professional project management, asset management and technical consultancy services with emphasis on quality, thoroughness and timeliness.

Sustainability And Carbon Credit

In a global landscape where the imperative to mitigate carbon emissions and safeguard our environment is indisputable, our focus as carbon project developers is on enhancing transparency within the carbon market.
Our mission is to institute a resilient system that guarantees precise and reliable information for corporates and governments that want to commit to sustainbility in the longterm.

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